Doom Eternal Hell On Earth Full Walkthrough – Secrets, Codex, Collectibles, Items

doom eternal hell on earth

Welcome to our doom eternal hell on earth mission 1 full walkthrough! This guide will show you every secret room and collectible location (toys, codexs, mods, cheat code, etc,)! Be prepared for an epic fight as you destroy your way through mission one!

Doom Eternal Hell on Earth Mission 1: Youtube Video

Check out the full walkthrough created by Maka91Productions! This is probably the best walkthrough guide for mission 1 you will ever need!

Doom Eternal Hell on Earth Secrets

Just looking for a hell on earth secrets guide? Check out the video below by Gamers Heroes. This video does a good job of showing you the locations on the map so that you can navigate to them easily.

Doom Eternal Mission 1 Collectibles

Below we have toys, codexes, and items that are on the level.

Doom Eternal Hell on Earth Mission 1 Toys

There are a total of three toys found on mission 1. They are listed below with images of each. If you want to find them, view one of the above videos for each of their locations.

  • Zombie Earth
doom eternal toy zombie earth
  • Doom Slayer
doom eternal toy doom slayer
  • Imp
doom eternal toy imp

Doom Eternal Hell on Earth Codex’s

doom eternal codex hell barges

There are a total of six codex entries on this level. They are listed below. If you want to see the locations for each, just scroll up to the secrets video and watch it.

  • Hell Barges: Story of Hell
  • Remaining Human Populations – Part 1: Story Of Earth
  • Remaining Human Populations – Part II: Story Of Earth
  • Formation Of The Arc: Story Of Earth
  • High Priests
  • Deag Nilox: Story Of Hell

Doom Eternal Missions 1 Items

doom eternal hell on earth mod
  • 3 Weapon Mod Upgrades
  • 4 Extra Life 1UPs
  • Automap Station
  • Yellow Access Key Card
  • Flame Belch Weapon
  • Sentinel Crystal
  • Cheat Code for Infinite Extra Lives

There are many items you can find on doom eternal mission 1. Below are the items. Watch the full walkthrough tutorial above for in game locations.


Hopefully you found these resources very helpful! If you have, please share it with your friends or anyone who needs help! Did we miss anything or have any feedback for us? Let us know in the comment section below, thanks!

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