Brain Out Level 74 Answer Walkthrough

Wondering how you can pass brain out level 74? Watch the video below or look at our image and bullet point below for a quick reference!

How to beat level 74 brain out – please enter a 5-digit number password

  • So this shows the word “Err0r”.
  • If you use a mirror and turn those letters into numbers, it makes 70773.
  • Put that number in and you win!
brain out level 74
level 74 brain out
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About brain out

This tricky puzzle logic game, designed by Focus Apps, has the mobile gaming community going crazy! This new trivial game will trick you into thinking you know the right answer. Do not think you know the answer right away because you most likely won’t. You must think outside the box and challenge everything you have mentally to figure these little levels out!

Brain out is a free tricky, puzzle game that is very addictive! It will challenge your intelligence and push your brain to the max with it’s unique riddles and fun brain teasers. You might think they are easy questions to answer, but do not be tricked! You really have to think outside the box if you want to answer the levels correctly! The trivia questions are there to boost your mind’s ability to think creatively. These puzzle levels are meant to be challenging yet fun! Remember to tell all your friends and challenge them to the game as well!

This game features many funny levels with awesome art graphics. You will probably end up getting mad at a few levels but once you figure it out, you will keep coming back for more! Part of the reason we created our guide is because we want everyone to be able to solve the levels and still have fun at the same time. If you are on the edge of giving up, we provided the brain out answers for you to keep pushing forward!


If you want to download it, we have included the link for downloading brain out.

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