100 Doors Challenge Level 44 Answer

Wondering how you can pass 100 doors challenge level 44? Watch the video below or read the walkthrough on this page towards the bottom.

How to beat 100 doors challenge level 44

  • First tap on the wrench to pick it up off the ground.
  • Now use the wrench on both the left and right bolts that are on the iron panel closest to the ground on the door. You will loosen both the bolts and a second wrench will fall to the ground.
  • Pick up the second wrench and use it on the top panel bolts. Use it on both the left and right side bolts to take them off.
  • Now grab the manhole cover and move it over to the right.
  • Go down the hole and you will find a third wrench to the left. You have to move the bush out of the way to see it clearly.
  • Go back up and use it on the last panel, the middle one.
  • Finally, the door will open and on to the next!
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100 doors challenge 44

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