100 Doors Challenge Level 31 Answer

Wondering how you can pass 100 doors challenge level 31? Watch the video below or read the walkthrough on this page towards the bottom.

How to beat 100 doors challenge level 31

  • First tap on the right side of the screen to be taken to the coffee machine/lobby area.
  • Next pick up the money left on the seat.
  • Now tap on the money in the inventory and tap on the coffee machine to get some out.
  • Click on the coffee to pick it up.
  • Now tap on the medical hinged door on the wall next to the coffee machine.
  • Tap on the pills to take them out of there and now put them with the coffee.
  • Use the coffee on the guard and he will fall asleep.
  • Now tap on the guard and you will acquire his ID card.
  • Finally, slide the ID card in the slot near the elevator. The door will now open and you can move on!
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100 doors challenge 31

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