100 Doors Challenge Level 21 Answer

Wondering how you can pass 100 doors challenge level 21? Watch the video below or read the walkthrough on this page towards the bottom.

How to beat 100 doors challenge level 21

  • The numbers with arrows on them need to be tapped to point to the correct direction based on a traditional clock. The numbers 15 and 17 correlate to military time which is 3pm and 5 pm. Military time in PM is 12 + the time. If it is 1pm, the time would be 13.
  • Refer to our image below if you want to see the directions.
  • Number 12 should be pointing up directly.
  • The number 15 should point directly to the right.
  • Then tap on the 8 to point it the direction of a standard 8 on a clock
  • 17 is 5pm, so it should point to the direction of a 5 on the clock.
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100 doors challenge 21

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