100 Doors Challenge Level 20 Answer

Wondering how you can pass 100 doors challenge level 20? Watch the video below or read the walkthrough on this page towards the bottom.

How to beat 100 doors challenge level 20

  • First tap on the phone and slide your finger across it to remove most of the frost
  • Tap on the wood in the middle of the floor to pick it up.
  • Tap on the wood in your inventory and now tap on the open furnace to put it in.
  • Now tap on the other piece of wood on the right side of the floor and also put it in the furnace.
  • Tap on the matches that are on the top of the furnace and now tap the matches and tap on the furnace to light a fire.
  • The fire will now remove all the ice and the rest of the frost on the screen.
  • The door will now open and you can escape!
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100 doors challenge 20

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