100 Doors Challenge Level 18 Answer

Wondering how you can pass 100 doors challenge level 18? Watch the video below or read the walkthrough on this page towards the bottom.

How to beat 100 doors challenge level 18

  • First click on the duct tape on the left side of the floor.
  • Next move the screen all the way to the right and pick up the broken wire on the floor.
  • Now move back to the left in front of the elevator. Click on the broken wire in your inventory and click on the ground in the middle of the two cut wires.
  • Now click on the tape and click on the left wire to tape both of the ends together.
  • Click on the tap again and click the right side of the broken wires to tape that as well.
  • Finally you have unlocked 100 doors level 18 and can now enter the next room!
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100 doors challenge 18

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